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Water Week 2017: Water Sector Unites

Date: March 07, 2017

The nation’s leading water organizations, representing the full spectrum of water issues, water research fields, utilities and consumers from every part of the country, will join forces in Washington, DC this month for Water Week 2017.  During the week of March 19 – 25, hundreds of water, wastewater and stormwater professionals, thought leaders, stakeholders and grass roots supporters will gather and advocate with one voice for national policies that advance clean, safe, affordable and sustainable water for all Americans.

Among the highlight events for the week will be the National Water Policy Fly-in (March 21-22), where water organization representatives will meet with members of Congress and federal regulators to discuss crucial water-related public affairs issues, and the Rally for Water (March 22), a grassroots show of unity on the US Capitol grounds.  Key congressional members have agreed to attend and speak.

The goal of Water Week is to strengthen the partnership between the federal government and the water sector, emphasize the importance of investment in water infrastructure and research, continue to inform state and national policymakers about crucial water-related issues—including high-impact economic development and job creation, public health and protection, conservation and sustainability to name a few—and to inspire them to act.

Access to clean, safe, usable water is a vital need that touches every American, without exception, every day. With a new presidential administration and new political environment, new opportunities now exist to advance vital water initiatives, issues and goals. Now more than ever, it is critical to elevate water as a national priority, and to aggressively promote and protect clean water nationally.

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