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WateReuse Arizona is comprised of state water professionals working together to encourage and assist communities achieve sustainable water supplies through reclamation and reuse. WateReuse Arizona annually holds a Symposium.

Save the Date for the 2024 WateReuse Arizona Symposium

Call for Award Nominations

We are accepting nominations for Person of the Year, Project of the Year and Program of the year.  The deadline to submit your nomination is May 31, 2024. WateReuse Arizona will announce awards at the 2024 Arizona Water Reuse Symposium in Flagstaff. Winners will also be submitted to the national awards committee by the Arizona section. Learn more details about awards criteria and how to submit a nomination here.

WateReuse Arizona 2024 Scholarship

WateReuse Arizona will award two scholarships of $3,000 each to Arizona university and college students. The purpose of this award is to encourage full-time students with a focus on wastewater reclamation, water reuse, and/or desalination. The scholarships will be awarded at the 2024 Arizona Water Reuse Symposium in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Scholarship applications are due June 5, 2024.

Advanced Water Purification

WateReuse Arizona Submits Comments on ADEQ’s Advanced Water Purification (AWP) Proposed Program Roadmap   

WateReuse Arizona (WRAZ) has been heavily involved in ensuring this program’s success. We partnered with AMWUA to help ensure that ADEQ received the funding necessary to undertake this AWP project and several WateReuse Arizona members and board members were heavily involved in the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) process. When the AWP Roadmap was released initiating an informal 30-day comment period in early November 2023, WRAZ rallied our members once again to systematically review the document and prepare a 49-page response document. 

There is a lot of great material in the AWP Roadmap and we commend ADEQ for synthesizing a thorough document for review. While much of the material in the AWP Roadmap was discussed during the TAG meetings, we felt a considerable amount of content in the Roadmap was either not discussed or not decided during those TAG meetings. Therefore, we feel that there is still a lot to discuss moving forward as these comments reflect only some of the issues identified. We look forward to what we hope will be future frequent open and candid conversations with ADEQ as the program progresses and rules are drafted. 

WRAZ invites our members to review the response submitted to ADEQ.

Profile in Reuse: Arizona

Arizona is home to one of the first water recycling plants in the United States, built in 1926 to serve Grand Canyon National Park. In a region susceptible to drought and water scarcity, investment in water reuse can help Arizona build communities that are modern, sustainable, and stable—ready for families to flourish and businesses to grow. Check out WateReuse Arizona’s Profile In Reuse with simple facts, figures, and case studies – and share it with everyone from policymakers to students.

WateReuse Arizona Webinars Provide Convenient Education and Training

Join a WateReuse Arizona webinar for live, interactive discussions on topics critical to advancing a water reuse program in Arizona. Recent topics have included the history and future of reuse, brine management, and direct potable reuse permitting. Recordings of past webinars are available for viewing here.

Report Provides Recommendations for the Regulation of Direct Potable Reuse in Arizona

WateReuse Arizona, AZ Water Association, and the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) published Guidance Framework for Direct Potable Reuse in Arizona, a 114-page document meant to inform the State of Arizona as it develops regulations for direct potable reuse (DPR) that are protective of public health and effectively manage the state’s water resources.  Download Report

Fact Sheet:  Implications of COVID-19 for Water, Wastewater, and Water Reuse

Arizona researchers and water managers have taken a proactive role in addressing concerns about water and COVID-19 since the pandemic began. A fact sheet was developed early on to help utilities understand how they could participate in environmental surveillance of SARS-CoV-2. Research and methodology have continued to evolve and wastewater-based epidemiology has proven to be a valuable tool. View the Fact Sheet


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