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National Advocacy Resources

The WateReuse Association engages our members in a national movement to advocate for policies and funding that increase water reuse and promote acceptance and support of recycled water to ensure a safe and sustainable water supply. Member engagement with their elected representatives is critical in advancing the association’s overall advocacy agenda. Individual meetings, letters, and guided tours of recycled water facilities are among the most important ways that WateReuse members can engage with elected representatives and advocate for recycled water.

Engaging with the U.S. Congress

Several congressional committees have varying degrees of responsibility for oversight and authorization of reuse related issues. Committees decide which bills and resolutions move forward to consideration by the House or Senate as a whole. Committee chairs have enormous influence over this process.

Engaging with Federal Agencies

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency supports water reuse as part of an integrated water resources management approach. In 2019, EPA’s Assistant Administrator for Water announced that the agency would facilitate the development of a National Water Reuse Action Plan that will better integrate federal policy and leverage the expertise of both industry and government to ensure the effective use of the nation’s water resources. Other resources available from EPA include:

Bureau of Reclamation

The Bureau of Reclamation in the U.S. Department of Interior manages, protects, and develops water and related resources. Reclamation identifies and investigates opportunities to reclaim and reuse water and naturally impaired ground and surface water in the 17 Western states and Hawaii. The Title XVI program provide funding for the planning, design, and construction of water recycling and reuse projects, on a project specific basis, in partnership with local government.

Reports and White Papers

Policy Briefs: The Case for Investment in Water Reuse

Investing in Water Reuse for Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation, and Economic Resiliency

Our climate policy brief explains why it is vitally important for the nation to invest in water recycling to build resilience, manage energy demands, support public and environmental health, and ensure America’s economic prosperity.

Access to Safe & Affordable Water: The Case for Investment in Water Reuse

Recycled water programs are a critical component of America’s current and future water resources portfolio. They are helping communities stabilize water rates, sustain economic activity, and address environmental and infrastructure challenges.

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