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WateReuse California is actively engaged in working with our appointed and elected officials to pass legislation and develop regulations that will accelerate the implementation of both non-potable and potable reuse. The depth and breadth of experience within the organization also makes us the go-to organization for communities who are advancing water reuse to meet local demand for water.

California Adopts Regulations for Implementing Direct Potable Reuse

For Immediate Release Contacts: Jennifer West, Managing Director, WateReuse California | jwest@watereuse.org, (916) 496-1470 Ben Glickstein, Communications Director, WateReuse Association | bglickstein@watereuse.org, (571) 445-5513 Sacramento, CA – Following years of research, collaboration, and public engagement, California’s State Water Resources Control Board is voting today to adopt new regulations allowing for direct potable reuse. Direct potable…

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Summary of Major Provisions

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Water Reuse Projects in California

The California State Water Resource Control Board’s Volumetric Annual Report of Wastewater and Recycled Water allows easy viewing of all water reuse projects in the state.

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