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U.S. Market for Water Recycling

The growth of water reuse technologies and products provides utilities with an option for local, sustainable water supply, and creates opportunities for businesses to help implement these innovative solutions.

In 2021, WateReuse Association commissioned a study on the growth of water reuse, including key sectors and opportunities, across six U.S. regions. Drivers for water reuse vary in each region, but growth and opportunity is widespread from coast to coast.

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Mountain West

In a region known for its natural beauty and tourist economy, some of the key drivers for water reuse are population growth, agricultural activity, and the need to lessen the effects of nutrient pollution on critical waterways.

Download Analysis: Mountain West
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Driven by high competition for scarce resources across municipal, industrial, and agricultural needs, as well as climatic trends and regulations around effluent, the Southwest faces the most immediate pressure to reuse water resources.

Download Analysis: Southwest
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The opportunity for water reuse growth in the Midwest region is just getting started, driven by a combination of aging infrastructure and groundwater depletion on its eastern and western edges.

Download Analysis: Midwest
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South Central

Water reuse is well established and growing in the South Central states, in response to groundwater source constraints and the competing needs of heavy industry, agriculture, and growing municipal populations.

Download Analysis: South Central
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Largely driven by resiliency needs and saltwater intrusion threats rather than supply constraints, Northwest water reuse opportunities are in coastal aquifer recharge, resiliency for aging infrastructure, and mitigation for nutrients.

Download Analysis: Northeast
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The Southeastern water reuse outlook is driven by competing necessities: regional population influx, resiliency needs for more extreme weather, and saltwater intrusion threats to groundwater near the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts.

Download Analysis: Southeast
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