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The primary objectives of WateReuse Colorado include supporting the mission of the WateReuse Association, advocating for legislation and regulations which facilitate appropriate water reuse, promoting safe and effective reuse throughout the state, and improving public understanding of water reclamation.

Committee leadership, members, activities, meetings, and events are conducted in close association with the Rocky Mountain AWWA/WEA Joint Water Reuse Committee. Meeting dates, minutes, and additional resources are located at the Joint Water Reuse Committee.


Ty Long
CO WateReuse Association President, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC)

News and Current Events

WateReuse Colorado Advancing Direct Potable Reuse to Optimize Water Supplies and Meet Future Demands

Documents are available for the WateReuse Colorado (WRCO) project “Advancing Direct Potable Reuse to Optimize Water Supplies and Meet Future Demands.” This project involved many stakeholders including regulators, utility providers, consultants, and advocacy groups with the goal of working towards advancing direct potable reuse (DPR) in Colorado. The project produced several deliverables that address how to tackle the regulatory, public outreach and perception, and technical hurdles that Colorado will face when implementing DPR. Three Technical Memorandums (TMs) are available in the links below that address each topic, and an executive summary with an overview of the project is included.

For more information, please reach out to John Rehring.

PureWater Colorado Project Makes a Splash!

The PureWater Colorado demonstration project was operated from January through April 2018 as an extension of the WateReuse Colorado Direct Potable Reuse project. The PureWater Colorado demonstration plays a key role in in preparing Colorado for future DPR projects by providing a fun, physical context for regulatory development and public outreach. Read more here.

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WateReuse is the only trade association that focuses solely on advancing laws, policy and funding to increase water reuse. Our niche strategy sets us apart from other organizations in the water industry.

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