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Browse the search fields below for information about water reuse research conducted as of May 6, 2016. Visit the Water Research Foundation to view the complete portfolio of water reuse research.

There are four types of research:

  • Scientific Investigations which provide groundbreaking new science based on laboratory and on-site testing.
  • White Papers which explore policy, regulations, planning and other social science factors.
  • Decision Making Tools which provide operators with guidelines and frameworks to improve outcomes.
  • Communications Tools which provide information and strategies for increasing public acceptance of water reuse.

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Controlling Trace Organic Contaminants Using Alternative, Non-FAT Technology for Indirect Potable Water Reuse

The project will investigate the advanced treatment of wastewater for indirect potable reuse (IPR) using...


Development of Operation and Maintenance Plan and Training and Certification Framework for Direct Potable Reuse Systems

The project will develop a standard operations and maintenance plan for various DPR treatment processes,...


Enhanced Pathogen and Pollutant Monitoring of the Colorado River Municipal Water District Raw Water Production Facility at Big Spring Texas

The project will provide a comprehensive, technically sound, and independent verification that potable reuse, as...


Critical Control Point Assessment to Quantify Robustness and Reliability of Multiple Treatment Barriers of a DPR Scheme

The project will conduct hazard assessment for key unit operations for two or more direct...


Monitoring for Reliability and Process Control of Potable Reuse Applications

The project will identify, evaluate, test, and validate systems that can be used to assure...


Database of Permitting Practices for Seawater Concentrate Disposal

The project will identify the discharge information permitting agencies need and the decision-making process they...


Guidelines for Engineered Storage Systems

The project will develop recommendations for optimizing engineered storage systems for direct potable reuse; this...


A Low-Energy Wastewater Treatment Process for Producing High Quality Reuse Water – Phase 2

The project will evaluate an innovative wastewater treatment process to include membrane contractor processes (forward...


Indirect Potable Reuse Investigation in Tucson, AZ

The project will test the viability of the alternative potable reuse treatment scheme through water...


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