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Profiles in Reuse: Potable Reuse


Use this flyer to inform ratepayers, elected officials, and other stakeholders about the safety and reliability of using purified water as part of the drinking water supply.

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Recycled Water Coast-to-Coast


This infographic highlights real-life examples of how investment in water reuse builds communities that are modern, sustainable and stable.

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Annual Report

The WateReuse Association expanded membership, increased outreach, and strengthened advocacy to meet a growing interest in water recycling.

Recycled Water User Network

The Recycled Water User Network™ is a members-only network for businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations that use recycled water.

Leaders Circle

The Leaders Circle provides an opportunity for our members to increase their engagement through educational, networking and advocacy opportunities.

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Featured Event

Webcast: Membranes 101 - The Basics and Beyond

Presented in partnership with WateReuse Pacific Northwest, this webcast will discuss how membranes are used in water, wastewater and reuse...

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Featured Event

Webcast: Enhanced Source Control for Direct Potable Reuse

Presented in partnership with the National Water Research Institute, this webcast will offer insight into the nature of enhanced source...

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Webcast: Membranes 101 - The Basics and Beyond

Webcast: Enhanced Source Control for Direct Potable Reuse

Los Angeles Chapter Meeting

the Water Replenishment District of Southern CA

Orange County Chapter Meeting

HDR, 3230 Camino Real, Suite 200 Irvine, CA 92602-1377

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Water Reuse 101

Under pressure from such factors as population growth, climate change, depletion of groundwater resources, and impacts from salt, many communities are struggling to find enough water to meet their needs.

 Why do we need new sources of water?

Experts explain why we cannot afford to use water just one time and discharge it back into the environment.


Global Connections Map

This global connections map spotlights some of the ways in which water is used and reused across the globe for drinking.

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The WateReuse Association is the only national trade association dedicated solely to advancing laws, regulations, funding and public acceptance for water recycling. Our membership represents more than 200 communities and more than 60 million people – one-sixth of the nation’s population – who are developing safe, reliable, locally-controlled water supplies.

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Meeting the Demand for Water in the 21st Century

Water is the lifeblood of healthy communities and robust economies. Livability and economic security depend on a safe, reliable supply of water. Meeting the demand for water in the 21st century requires a different way of thinking about water.

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