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Connecting Recycled Water Users Across the U.S.

The Recycled Water User Network™ is a members-only network for businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations that use recycled water, including customers of water utilities and organizations that recycle water onsite. Using recycled water contributes to a safe, reliable, and locally controlled water supply, which is the foundation of healthy communities and a strong economy.

*This link is for new members only. To renew an existing membership, please contact us at membership@watereuse.org.

Become a Water Star

Recycled water utilities demonstrate their commitment to water stewardship by treating and using local water supplies again and again. Businesses that use recycled water also demonstrate their commitment to water sustainability. A new green industry designation – Water Star™ – recognizes this partnership between water utilities and recycled water users as essential to ensuring safe and sustainable water supplies and highlights the important role recycled water plays in a community’s economic health. To receive the Water Star™ designation and Water Star™ label, the recycled water utility and the recycled water user can simply join the Recycled Water User Network™ as partners.

Become a Recycled Water Partner Utility

Water agencies that provide recycled water to businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations can join the Recycled Water User Network™! You must be a WateReuse Association Utility member and add your name to the list of partner utilities. Once one or more of your recycled water customers join the Recycled Water User Network™, you both become eligible for the Water Star designation and gain access to the Water Star label to market your commitment to water sustainability.

Sign My Utility Up as a Partner

Join the Recycled Water User Network

Are you a business, government agency, or not-for-profit organization that uses recycled water? Join the Recycled Water User Network to

  • Promote your commitment to water use sustainability with your customers and community.
  • Stay informed about the latest research and news about the safety of recycled water
  • Connect with recycled water experts and others to learn and share best practices.

And if you receive your recycled water from a partner water utility, you are eligible to receive a designation as a Water Star™ and receive a Water Star™ label to promote your commitment as a steward of local water resources.

As a member of the Recycled Water User Network ™, you will immediately receive access to:

  • Membership in a network of recognized national leaders;
  • Access to WateReuse Connect, a 24/7 online community of water industry experts to ask questions and learn about best management practices;
  • WateReuse Review, a weekly online newsletter reporting federal, state and local policy developments;
  • Free registration to webcasts about water reuse and industry trends;
  • Access to peer-reviewed, applied research related to recycled water;
  • And other member benefits.

Recycled Water User Member Categories

Agricultural Operations:
Use recycled water for irrigation of edible or non-edible crops and livestock operations.
Annual membership: $360

Commercial Irrigation:
Use recycled water for irrigation, such as golf courses or college campuses, and recreation.
Annual membership: $360

Industrial Facilities:
Use recycled water for industrial processing, such as cooling power plants, manufacturing, oil & gas refining and extracting, and food & beverage production.
Annual membership: $2,500

Commercial Buildings:
Use recycled water for indoor uses, such as flushing, cooling systems, and other non-potable uses.
Annual membership: $2,500

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