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Direct Potable Reuse

Direct potable reuse (DPR) involves multiple phases of advanced water purification to transform treated wastewater into a safe, reliable drinking water supply. WateReuse Colorado is leading an effort to organize Colorado’s water reuse community in advancing the science of DPR, while fostering a greater understanding among Coloradans about the potential DPR holds for our future.

Colorado DPR Stakeholder Process to Develop Proposed DPR Regulations

With much input and support from WateReuse Colorado, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is prioritizing stakeholder engagement in its current efforts to develop rules for direct potable reuse. CDPHE anticipates a formal rulemaking in August 2022 to adopt new DPR rules for our state.

CDPHE’s DPR Engagement Timeline

DPR Public Education and Outreach

PureWater Colorado Makes a Splash

The PureWater Colorado demonstration project operated from January through April 2018 as an extension of the WateReuse Colorado Direct Potable Reuse project. The PureWater Colorado demonstration played a key role in in preparing Colorado for future DPR projects by providing a fun, physical context for regulatory development and public outreach. 

Advancing Potable Water Reuse in Colorado

The PureWater Colorado mobile DPR demonstration is the nation’s first carbon-based DPR treatment pilot system that can travel from site to site. The 30-foot trailer houses a 5 gallon per minute process train that includes ozonation, biologically active filtration, granular activated carbon, and an ultraviolet light / advanced oxidation process (UV/AOP).

Advancing the Science of DPR

Phase 1: Advancing Direct Potable Reuse to Optimize Water Supplies and Meet Future Demands

This stakeholder-driven project resulted in three Technical Memorandums (TMs) that address how to tackle the regulatory, public outreach and perception, and technical hurdles that Colorado will face when implementing DPR.

Phase 2: Guidelines for Direct Potable Reuse in Colorado

WateReuse Colorado contracted with the National Water Research Institute to administer an Independent Expert Advisory Panel in developing guidelines for DPR in Colorado. The resulting consensus report includes recommendations for regulations, policy, and guidance to help define the path toward DPR in Colorado.

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