New Technology and Innovation Committee (NTIC)

This committee identifies and assesses emergent research and innovative technologies relevant to water reuse that are technically implementable, commercially viable, and economically feasible, and to disseminate pertinent information to the membership. NTIC  arranges for brief presentations and discussions  during monthly meetings and also leads, assists and participates in developing agendas, topics and presenters for webinars and in-person meetings during the year.  Committee meets once per month and more often when planning webinars and in-person events.

Regulatory/Legislation Committee

This committee monitors the emerging and ongoing regulatory and legislative environment, rulemaking process(es) and coordinates input and analysis with other section members and association partners. 

Public Relations, Outreach and Membership Committee (PROM)

This committee creates and manages outreach information and materials, social media, quarterly reports and promotes webinars and in-person meetings. Membership building activities are considered an integral part of the efforts. Works closely with the NTIC.

National Engagement

The executive committee of WaterReuse Florida, in particular the president, president-elect and past president, provides a conduit of information and policy considerations with WateReuse national office leadership and staff and reports back to the Board.

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