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National Water Reuse Action Plan:
WateReuse Association Leading the Way

WateReuse is leading or co-leading a variety of National Water Reuse Action Plan actions, including developing a database to track and report state-level policies and regulations related to water reuse; establishing a water reuse award to recognize significant achievements in adopting and promoting water reuse in the industrial and corporate sectors; and helping to organize events related to stormwater reuse, inter-state collaboration, and workforce development.

Actions Leading/Co-leading

Action 1.2: Prepare case studies of successful water reuse applications within an integrated water resources management framework.

Action 2.1: Compile existing state policies and approaches to water reuse.

Action 2.16: Support local and regional reuse projects by identifying challenges, opportunities, and models for interagency collaboration.

Action 3.3: Convene experts to address opportunities and challenges related to urban stormwater capture and use. Action team developed a webinar series:

Action 5.5: Quantify the National Volumes of Water Potentially Available for Reuse

Action 5.7: Identify Water Reuse Opportunities in the Beverage Industry.

Action 8.1: Compile and develop water reuse program outreach and communication materials.

Action 8.4: Establish a water reuse champion award program for private sector companies.

Action 9.2: Support and promote opportunities for creating a skilled workforce for water reuse applications.

Actions on which WateReuse Partners

Action 1.4: Leverage EPA’s water partnership programs to consider water reuse in the context of integrated water resources management at the watershed scale.

Action 2.12: Leverage existing USDA programs for consideration of agricultural water reuse.

Action 2.2: Enhance state collaboration on water reuse.

Action 2.4: Enhance wastewater source control through local pretreatment programs to support water reuse opportunities for municipal wastewater.

Action 2.6: Develop informational materials to address how CWA NPDES permits can facilitate water reuse/capture.

Action 2.9: Align policies and communication tools to promote best management of unused and expired pharmaceuticals to support water reuse and recycling.

Action 3.1: Compile existing fit-for-purpose specifications.

Action 3.4: Develop research and tools to support the implementation of ONWS.

Action 4.5: Promote air-cooling condensate water reuse standards, methods, tools, and technologies for implementing systems in large buildings.

Action 7.2: Develop a coordinated national research strategy on water reuse.

Action 11.1: Facilitate U.S.-Israel collaboration on technology, science, and policy of water reuse.

Action 11.2: Raise global awareness and preparedness for water reuse and the Water Reuse Action Plan.

Additional action items that others will lead include developing a federal policy statement to support and encourage water reuse in watershed planning; establishing a New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium to identify and fill science and technology gaps for off-field use of treated produced water; and compiling a list of federal funding sources to support water reuse projects. In addition, the National Blue Ribbon Commission for Onsite Non-potable Water Systems will develop research and tools to support the implementation of onsite systems.

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