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Water Reuse Communications Materials

As outlined in the National Water Reuse Action Plan (Action 8.1: Communications Library), we are seeking to compile a library of communications materials on water reuse and recycling. Materials can include PDFs, graphics, web tools, videos, or other formats. Many of these materials will be displayed in a library hosted at www.watereuse.org. Please feel free to submit more than one item, using a separate form submission for each.

What utility or organization is this material designed for?
What type of communication are you submitting? You may check multiple.
End Use
What is the recycled water described in this communication material used for?

Share a link to the relevant PDF or page on your website. You can also share a link from a file storage system like Dropbox, or upload files below if they're 10 MB or smaller in size.
Max. file size: 10 MB.
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