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Strategic Direction


Water reuse leads to One Water.


WateReuse Nevada promotes a sustainable water cycle through collaborative resource stewardship.


  • Stewardship: Water reuse is vital to the sustainability of water.Support local, responsible management and beneficial use of reclaimed water to extend water supplies and safeguard water quality to benefit the environment, economy and society for future generations.
  • Partnership: Partners, working together, will effectively manage water reuse.Work collaboratively with regulatory agencies and a broad network of local, national, and international professionals and researchers to identify and develop opportunities for the beneficial use of reclaimed water.
  • Innovation: Innovation will accelerate the acceptance and responsible implementation of water reuse.Encourage innovation and creativity to implement water reuse practices that enhance local resources and support environmental needs.
  • Public Outreach: Education is essential to building support for responsible water reuse.In cooperation with local entities, increase public awareness on the importance of responsible water reuse within their community.

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WateReuse is the only trade association that focuses solely on advancing laws, policy and funding to increase water reuse. Our niche strategy sets us apart from other organizations in the water industry.

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