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Strategic Direction

What is WateReuse Pacific Northwest?

WateReuse Pacific Northwest is the first multi-state regional chapter of the WateReuse Association. It was chartered in December 2012.

Why was it formed?

  • To encourage and promote water reuse in the Pacific Northwest.
  • To build a regional network for sharing information and ideas about planning, design, construction, operation, and regulatory experiences and issues.
  • To increase public awareness and support for water reuse efforts in the Pacific Northwest.
  • To advocate legislation and regulations that facilitate appropriate water reuse.

Goals and Action Items

Goal: Enhance visibility of the WateReuse Pacific Northwest Section among water and wastewater professionals, utilities, organizations, and regulatory agencies.

  • Co-sponsor and actively participate in the annual Idaho Water Reuse Conference.
  • Co-sponsor and actively participate in a pre-conference or conference workshops for the annual Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA) Conference.
  • Participate in planning, hosting, and promoting the 2015 WateReuse Symposium in Seattle (September 13-16, 2015).

Goal: Establish the section as a recognized resource for water reuse information and training in the Pacific Northwest, including serving as a clearinghouse for information and pending actions.

  • Plan and implement at least one educational program per year, including webinars related to water reuse in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Expand website with information about water reuse in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Add case studies of reuse projects in each state to the website.
  • Build data base of water reuse projects in the Pacific Northwest,

Provide proactive public and media communications related to water reuse programs and issues.

  • Develop a Communications Guide.
  • Correct misinformation as identified.
  • Explain how regulations and rules are set up to be protective.

Goal: Work with regulators to address water reuse regulatory needs and pending water reuse related actions (i.e. rules, guidelines, permits, etc.).

  • Sponsor workshop sessions for regulators & encourage involvement of regulators
  • Monitor Washington state rule development and provide input
  • Help regulators understand the state of the industry

Goal: Support existing water reuse programs and encourage development of new ones in the Pacific Northwest

Goal: Expand WateReuse Association and section membership in the Pacific Northwest

  • Add 3 new utility members
  • Add 5 new consultant members

Goal: Coordinate with peer professional organizations in the Pacific Northwest to collaboratively advance mutual goals and objectives

  • Develop a Memorandum of Understanding with PNCWA
  • Develop a Memorandum of Understanding with AWWA PNW


Pacific Northwest Bylaws (2019)

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