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2021 WateReuse Symposium Summary White Papers

In March 2021, the WateReuse Association convened the virtual 36th Annual WateReuse Symposium, which included live roundtable discussions with facilitated breakout sessions. Each breakout session focused on one aspect of the broader roundtable discussion. A series of summary white papers were produced to capture the discussions.

Water Reuse 101

The Water Reuse 101 roundtable brought together experienced practitioners and researchers to discuss current water reuse practices, regulations, and research with a focus on geographical drivers for reuse and the importance of communications. The roundtable was sponsored by Tetra Tech.

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Drinking Water

The Recycled Water as Drinking Water roundtable explored considerations for purifying recycled water to meet drinking water standards, including treatment technologies, operations, monitoring, public trust, and regional differences. The roundtable was sponsored by Carollo.

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Implementation & Operation

The Implementation & Operation of Water Recycling Systems roundtable explored employee development and training, partnerships, pilot projects, funding for operations, recruitment, and natural systems. The roundtable was sponsored by El Paso Water and Clean Water Services.

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The Water Recycling and Public Policy roundtable included experts from federal, state, and local governments from across the country for a discussion of how policy decisions such as regulations, funding support, and incentives can facilitate more widespread water reuse. The roundtable was sponsored by Suez Water Technologies.

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Public Health

The Water Recycling & Public Health roundtable discussed water recycling and public health from the perspectives of science and specifications, contaminants of emerging concern, pilot demonstration projects, communications and public outreach, medical community engagement, and research. The roundtable was sponsored by Brown and Caldwell.

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Regional Approaches

The Regional Approaches to Water Recycling roundtable discussed varied regional approaches to water recycling from the perspectives of the Southeastern, Northeastern, Midwestern, Northwestern, South Central, and Southwestern United States. The roundtable was sponsored by Xylem.

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The Recycled Water as a Resiliency Tool roundtable explored resiliency in the context of recycled water and beyond, including the role of integrated planning, key drivers, enablers, and metrics for success at the local and global scale. The roundtable was sponsored by Black & Veatch.

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Each year the Annual WateReuse Symposium brings together leaders in water recycling to examine the latest trends in water reuse technology, policy, research, and innovation. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to network, learn, and discover forward-thinking water management solutions.

37th Annual WateReuse Symposium
Marriott San Antonio Rivercenter
San Antonio, Texas
March 6-9, 2022

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