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San Diego

The San Diego Regional Chapter of the WateReuse Association was founded in 2000 to support the ever-increasing focus on water recycling to supplement and diversify the San Diego region’s water supplies. Members of the San Diego Regional Chapter include recycled water purveyors, recycled water customers, regulatory agencies, engineering and consulting firms, equipment vendors, as well as interested individuals from the community at large.


The mission of the San Diego Regional Chapter of the WateReuse Association is to provide a forum for the exchange of information to promote the beneficial use of recycled water in the San Diego region.

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Water Reuse in San Diego

Water is essential to San Diego’s economy, quality of life and world-famous environment. The San Diego region has few local sources of water and more than 80 percent of the water is imported from hundreds of miles away. The imported water is unreliable since years of plentiful water can be followed by years of drought and water scarcity. The arid, Mediterranean-like climate receives an average of 10-inches of rainfall a year, enough to supply only a fraction of our current population. To meet current and future water needs, the San Diego region must diversify its sources of water and increase its use of locally produced water. Recycled water is an important piece of the puzzle in solving our long-term water reliability needs. Since 1961, recycled water use for golf course and landscape irrigation, as well as some recreational, commercial and industrial uses, has continued to increase and offset San Diego’s need to import water, continually improving our quality of life.

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Membership in the San Diego Chapter entitles you to attend all annual Chapter meetings and to receive the semi-annual Regional Chapter Newsletter. Dues are $75 annually. To join, please mail a completed membership enrollment form and dues to:

WateReuse Association – San Diego Regional Chapter
4677 Overland Ave.
San Diego, CA 92123
Attention: Lesley Dobalian

For information about becoming a full member of the national WateReuse Association, click here.


Scott Lacy, President
Brown & Caldwell

Lesley DobalianPresident-Elect
San Diego County Water Authority

Mehdi Khalili, Past President
County of San Diego

Hooman Partow,
City of San Diego

Jocelyn Lu, Secretary
Brown and Caldwell

Tom Falk, Director of Public Relations & Membership Outreach
CDM Smith

Allen Carlisle, WateReuse California Trustee at Large
Padre Dam Municipal Water Water District


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WateReuse is the only trade association that focuses solely on advancing laws, policy and funding to increase water reuse. Our niche strategy sets us apart from other organizations in the water industry.

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