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Central Valley / Sierra Foothills


The primary objectives of the Central Valley/Sierra Foothill Chapter of WateReuse California are to:

  • Work collaboratively amongst the membership on issues of common interest including increasing the amount of recycled water used in the region which will help reduce the region’s reliance on imported surface and groundwater;
  • Promote the safe introduction and use of recycled water through the education of users and non-users by demonstrating its value to the region and by showing how it is a safe and reliable supply of non-potable water;
  • Share and disseminate information among the membership so they are current on issues and able to provide input on topics of interest;
  • Discuss and provide input on legislative and regulatory issues that affect our agencies, the region and the State;
  • Facilitate the development of technology aimed at improving water recycling;
  • Work on projects of shared interest that can increase the use of recycled water and/or make the education and training aspects of our programs more efficient and effective; and
  • Increase public awareness and understanding of related water problems and solutions.

The Central Valley/Sierra Foothills Chapter has a Memorandum of Understanding with WateReuse California.


Rob Morrow, President
Water Systems Consulting, Inc.
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Rebecca Rubin, Regional Vice President (North)
Soquel Creek Water District
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Nick Boswell, Regional Vice President (Central) 
MNS Engineers
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Andy Salveson, Regional Vice President (South)
Carollo Engineers
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Mike McCullough, Legislative/Regulatory Representative       
Monterey One Water
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Annaliese Miller, Secretary / Treasurer  
Rincon Consultants
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Steve Thomas, Director of Membership and Outreach
TBC Communications and Media
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Gina Dorrington, Chapter Trustee    
Ventura Water
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Chapter Meetings

Meetings Resources

Meetings resources include presentations, agendas, and other documents from past meetings.


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