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A Reconnaissance-Level Quantitative Comparison of Reclaimed Water, Surface Water and Groundwater

Project: 02-08
Type: Report
Year Released: 2009

Program: Principal
Funding Partners: Bureau of Reclamation, Southwest Florida Water Management District
Total Investment: $483,939.07 (Cash: $483,722.33, In-Kind: $216.74)

Principle Investigators: Tom Helgeson, P.E., CH2M HILL, Inc., and Mark McNeal, P.G., ASRus, LLC

Goals and Objectives

The project provides insight into the occurrence and distribution of constituents that occur typically in very low concentrations, e.g., micrograms per liter or nanograms per liter, in reclaimed water, groundwater, and surface water.

Research Approach

To allow for a comprehensive comparison of water matrices, the tasks for this research were to perform a literature survey, develop an analyte list for testing, develop a sampling plan, and perform the sampling and analysis.

Findings and Conclusions

Ultimately, and in concert with performing these four tasks, the research evolved to establish the presence or absence of 244 analytes, including pharmaceuticals, hormones and steroids, volatile organics, semivolatile organics, nutrients, microbiologicals, and synthetic organic chemical constituents in five matrices: groundwater, groundwater under the influence of surface or reclaimed water, surface water, surface water under the influence of reclaimed water, and reclaimed water. In addition, this research sought to quantify concentrations of these analytes that were present in any of the matrices studied.

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