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The WateReuse Research Foundation and the Water Environment Research Foundation merged to establish the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) effective May 6, 2016. The portfolio of water reuse and desalination research continues to be available at watereuse.org. Visit WE&RF for additional resources.

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WE&RF subscribers recieve complimentary access to all water reuse and desalination research available at watereuse.org. If you did not previously have a login for the WateReuse website, please contact Gina Street to access the research.

There are four types of research:

  • Scientific Investigations which provide groundbreaking new science based on laboratory and on-site testing.
  • White Papers which explore policy, regulations, planning and other social science factors.
  • Decision Making Tools which provide operators with guidelines and frameworks to improve outcomes.
  • Communications Tools which provide information and strategies for increasing public acceptance of water reuse.

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Development of Habitat Restoration Programs for the Mitigation of Impingement and Entrainment Effects from Intakes for Seawater Desalination Facilities

The project identifies available methods for mitigating impingement mortality and entrainment (IM&E) at seawater plant...


Evaluation of Natural Gas to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Energy Costs for Desalination

The project developed a methodology for analyzing the feasibility of using liquefied natural gas (LNG)...


Assessment of Techniques for Evaluating and Demonstrating Safety of Water from Direct Potable Reuse Treatment Facilities

This project will produce a direct potable reuse (DPR) guidance framework that water utilities and...


Drivers, Successes, Challenges and Opportunities for Onsite Industrial Water Reuse: A Path Forward for Collaboration and Growth

The project will complete a desktop analysis of current onsite industrial water reuse practices by...


Methodology for a Comprehensive Analysis (Triple Bottom Line) of Alternative Water Supply Projects Compared to Direct Potable Reuse

This project will develop and demonstrate an assessment method to provide information to decision makers...


Characterization and Treatability of TOC from DPR Processes Compared to Surface Water Supplies

The intent of this research is to identify the acceptable organic carbon concentration quality of...


Optimization of Ozone-BAC Treatment Processes for Potable Reuse Applications

Project: 15-10 Type: Scientific Investigation Scope of Work Program: Tailored Collaboration Funding Partners: American Water,...


Treating Municipal Reclaimed Water for Multipurpose Industrial Reuse Applications at an Electric Utility and for Wetlands Rehydration in Florida

These resources are available exclusively to WateReuse Research Foundation members. If you are unsure if...


Developing Curriculum and Content for DPR Operator Training

This project will develop content to train operators in advanced treatment processes as well as...


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