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Thoughts from WateReuse Texas President David Sloan

Date: February 28, 2024

Happy New Year, WateReuse Texas! Yes, I know it’s already February, but 2024 is off to a busy start. Much of the state has received some very welcome rain, even if a few spots got it in a shorter than ideal time frame. While that helps to raise some lake and aquifer levels, it doesn’t change the long term trends that argue strongly for the importance of water reuse in Texas. We continue to experience rapid growth in many communities across the state, and we know that while we may have a wet El Niño cycle for a season, the next drought (and the one after) is inevitable, and reuse projects don’t happen overnight.

We have a proud legacy of innovative and diverse reuse projects in Texas, including the El Paso groundwater recharge project with several decades of operation, DPR in Big Spring (now over ten years of operation) and Wichita Falls, wetland-mediated IPR for lake augmentation by TRWD and NTMWD, several additional IPR projects, power plant cooling water supplies, and many miles of reclaimed water pipelines for irrigation and amenity features all across the state. More recently, Austin Water started up their onsite reuse facility at their Development Center, and El Paso is poised to break ground on their direct-to-distribution Water Purification Facility. I believe the time is ripe for additional projects to break out of the long-term planning process and into active development.

As an organization, we are expanding our reach and capacity. Two years ago, we hired Noelle George as our Managing Director for the Texas Section. During much of 2022, we were asked to share her time with the National WRA office due to a staff shortage there. Last year, she returned full attention to Texas and increased her hours, and we have seen great dividends as she has grown into this role. Last year we also started a new Policy Committee and have increased our attention and visibility to the regulatory and legislative arenas. We seek to do much more as we continue to build out our committees and gain more traction in this space. If you or your colleagues are seeking a place to plug into the world of water reuse, we’d love to put you to work in an area of interest.

It was great to see so many of you in Frisco last September for our first in-person conference in several years, and I hope to see even more this fall when we meet again in Austin! Be on the lookout for more information, including a call for papers, sponsorships, and registration over the next few months.

See you soon,

David Sloan
President, WateReuse Texas

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