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Survey of Effective Statutes and Regulatory Policies for Water Reuse

RFP Open Date: September 30, 2015
RFP Close Date: October 29, 2015

Project: 15-09
White Paper
Budget: $26,667 (Cash: $20,000; Matching Funds: $6,667)

The development of a robust water reuse program can benefit communities throughout the country based on a variety of driving factors. Currently, many states and localities do not have an adequate governing framework for water reuse. A common way for states to develop new legislation, regulations, rules, or guidelines and for localities to develop new ordinances is to evaluate the various governing frameworks used by other states and communities, the circumstance under which these frameworks were developed, and the lessons learned during the development process.

The purpose of this white paper will be to assemble information on water reuse regulations, rules, guidelines, or best practices intended to address specific issues unique to a state or groups of states, and the circumstances under which these governing strategies were created and implemented. Policy makers facing similar circumstances related to water reuse may use this information to develop a governing framework (regulatory and non-regulatory) to advance the adoption of water reuse for a variety of potable and nonpotable purposes.

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