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Scorecard for Evaluating Opportunities in Industrial Reuse

RFP Open Date: October 15, 2015
RFP Close Date: November 19, 2015

Project: 15-03
Type: Decision Making Tool
Program: Principal
Budget: $266,667 (Cash: $200,000; Matching Funds: $66,667)


The decision to pursue a water reuse program is primarily driven by a variety of economic and social drivers. These drivers are largely based on factors such as the cost of treatment and disposal of wastewater, pumping costs, resource losses (e.g. energy, heat, byproducts), as well as the costs of a water reuse system. Social drivers may include corporate responsibility reporting at the board level or in the forms driven by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. These factors differ by industrial sector and are often influenced by state, regional, and site specific conditions including existing regulations, discharge limits, and related policies. In addition, existing assessments often do not consider the hidden or secondary costs associated with existing supply and discharge costs including the costs associated with pumping, heating, pretreatment, post treatment, and any other transportation costs. To better understand these costs, an assessment tool is needed to evaluate opportunities for water reuse and provide decision makers with the information they need to make informed decisions from an economic perspective.


  • Develop a user-friendly tool for evaluating potential opportunities and the direct and indirect economic impacts of industrial water reuse projects. This tool should be comprehensive and be applicable to a variety of industries considering onsite reuse or use of reclaimed water from municipal sources;
  • Help potential industrial water reuse users to determine if they have a viable water reuse opportunity based on their current and future operations; and
  • Review successful case studies for facilities implementing water reuse to determine the economic drivers that lead to the decision to pursue water reuse, taking into account standard economic metrics as well as potential social benefits in the form of Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI).

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