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Optimization of Ozone-BAC Treatment Processes for Potable Reuse Applications

Project: 15-10
Type: Scientific Investigation
Scope of Work

Program: Tailored Collaboration
Funding Partners: American Water, Stantec
Total Investment: $120,000 (Cash: $120,000)

Principal Investigator: Zia Bukhari, American Water


Potable reuse is becoming an integral part of the water portfolio for many cities in arid western regions of the United States. Treatment processes, such as Full Advanced Treatment (FAT), using reverse osmosis (RO) and high energy UV advanced oxidation processes are being implemented in coastal communities where oceanic discharge of RO reject brine is available and permitted. For inland cities without realistic oceanic brine discharge options, the cost of disposing the brine stream is a major limitation to employing FAT technology. Although options exist for zero liquid discharge or deep well injection, these are expensive. More cost effective treatment options are needed and Ozone-Biological Activated Carbon (BAC) is on such alternative that is being considered by many inland water agencies. Ozone-BAC has the potential to produce a high quality effluent at a lower cost to FAT while avoiding the brine stream production and discharge issues that exist with FAT.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of this project are to:

  • Establish baseline relationship between ozone-BAC effluent TOC levels and Disinfection By Products (DBPs) or their formation potential
  • Examine THM, HAA, nitrosamines, their precursors and microbial ecology of BAC.
  • Pilot scale optimization of BAC to achieve maximum NDMA and flame retardant removal and characterization of organic constituents in the effluents.
  • Develop a guidance manual for the potable reuse industry on operational optimization of ozone-BAC systems.

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