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From Collection System to Tap: Resiliency of Treatment Processes for Direct Potable Reuse

Project: 14-13
Type: Scientific Investigation

Program: Principal
Total Investment: $200,000 (Cash: $200,000)


Potable reuse treatment is a complex and interdependent process. To assure the safety of the water produced through advanced treatment, the industry must address the impact of upstream water quality and upstream process failure on downstream process performance. Depending on where a process failure occurs in the DPR treatment train, it may have a domino effect on multiple treatment processes downstream of the failure. This analysis should focus on mapping of the interdependency of unit treatment processes from sewershed to point of entry in a drinking water distribution system.

Goals and Objectives

This project will:

  • Assess the resiliency of unit treatment processes while mapping the interdependency of these processes to trace failures and impacts
  • Address inter- and intra-agency communication and control issues
  • Identify both potential acute and chronic impacts affecting performance reliability including water quality and production capacity along with water quality and public health
  • Identify best practices for existing monitoring techniques that are already used in water, wastewater, or advanced treatment for process performance and reliability
  • Develop a design guide incorporating information from the wastewater source, wastewater treatment, and advanced water treatment assessments including the most practical design features, control systems, maintenance programs, control systems, and standard operating procedures.
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