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July 30, 2018


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Washington Update

Senate to Wrap Up Second Minibus Appropriations Bill this Week

Congressional Negotiations on Energy-Water Minibus Pushed to September

House Committee Releases Infrastructure Discussion Draft, Includes Provisions Beneficial to Reuse


State Updates and Member Profiles

Arizona: Water Wars Highlight the Value of Groundwater Recharge with Recycled Water

The water wars between industrial agriculture and local residents in Arizona was used to highlight the global issue of groundwater depletion in a recent New Your Times feature. Of the planet’s 37 major aquifer systems, a 2015 NASA study discovered 21 were on the verge of collapse. In Arizona’s Sulphur Springs Valley, locals blame industrial agriculture—attracted to the region because of a year-round growing season and a favorable regulatory environment—for depleting the aquifer. Aquifers across the globe are beginning to dry up under the strain of increased food production and warmer weather, leading to deeper drilling for deposits of water. Groundwater recharge with recycled water has been used in many communities to avoid or mitigate groundwater depletion. Read More.

California: Plan to Irrigate Farms Using Recycled Water Gets Funding

The California Water Commission announced last week that WateReuse Association member Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District has been awarded $280.5 million to develop recycled water for farmers. The South County Ag Program will provide up to 50,000 acre-feet per year of recycled water to irrigate up to 16,000 acres of agricultural land. This program will help restore flows to the Cosumnes River in the southern portion of Sacramento County by recharging the groundwater basin and raising groundwater levels up to 30 feet. Read More.

Idaho: Water Reuse Project Opens Up Hiking, Biking, Angling Potential

A water reuse project under construction in the City of Post Falls is providing new recreational opportunities for the community. The Post Falls Community Forest is a new 500-acre multi-use natural area that will be irrigated with reclaimed water via drip irrigation, serve as an educational forest, and provide outdoor recreational opportunities to citizens and visitors. The project will be completed in 2020. Read More.

New Mexico: State Partners with EPA to Clarify Reuse Regulations in Natural Gas and Oil Industry

The State of New Mexico signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the US Environmental Protection Agency to clarify the existing regulatory and permitting frameworks related to the way water from extraction activities can be reused, recycled and renewed for other purposes. Last year, operators in New Mexico produced about 900 million barrels of wastewater, most of which was disposed of in underground injection wells. A workgroup will be convened to develop a white paper that looks at existing regulatory framework and identifies potential opportunities for treated water. Read More.

Texas: Wichita Falls Potable Reuse System Ensures Sustainable Supply

A potable reuse pipeline is helping WateReuse Association member the City of Wichita Falls maintain high lake levels despite record heat and a rainfall deficit.  In January, Wichita Falls began pumping purified water to Lake Arrowhead, which is the primary source of drinking water for the community. So far, about billion gallons of water has been pumped through the potable reuse pipeline into the lake. Read More.


Conference and Events

WateReuse Arizona Hosts Successful Conference in Flagstaff

WateReuse Arizona and the AZ Water Association hosted the 2018 Arizona Water Reuse Symposium on July 22 – 24, 2018 at Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. The technical program for the conference included two tracks with an emphasis on projects in Arizona. The program also included a Welcome Reception at the Snowbowl Ski Resort which uses recycled water for snowmaking, the Third Annual Purple Water Balloon Battle, and a scholarship and awards luncheon.

 Upcoming Events

2024 WateReuse California Conference
Sep 15 – Sep 17 all-day
2024 WateReuse California Conference

2024 WateReuse California Conference
Garden Grove, CA
September 15-17, 2024


The WateReuse California Annual Conference welcomes over 700 water professionals for three days of networking, technical sessions, and panels on the most pressing water reuse issues in the state. The conference includes the Annual California Reuse Awards of Excellence ceremony and much more.

2024 California Annual Conference

2024 Industrial & Commercial Water Reuse Conference
Nov 19 2024 – Nov 21 2025 all-day

2024 Industrial & Commercial Water Reuse Conference

The Road to Water Positivity

Hyatt Regency | Indian Wells, CA | November 19-21, 2024

41st Annual WateReuse Symposium @ InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown
Mar 8 – Mar 11 all-day

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