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Drivers, Successes, Challenges and Opportunities for Onsite Industrial Water Reuse

Date: March 31, 2015

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Increased competition for water resources is helping to build the business case for the sustainable use of water and leading industrial users to put a higher value on water’s strategic role in risk mitigation. One strategy industries can consider to minimize global water and energy risks is optimization of onsite water reuse and water recycling opportunities.

A WateReuse Research Foundation study looked at the drivers and challenges for onsite water reuse and examined the decision process for implementation. A literature review, surveys of industrial users, and two workshops with industry were used to identify the many factors that businesses must consider, which all fit into these categories:

  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Regulatory
  • Economic

The factors will function as either drivers or challenges depending upon the geographical setting, infrastructure, management culture, local governance policies, and the water quality treatment needs of the business.

This webcast describes the factors that must be considered when implementing onsite water reuse and presents a delineation of identified research needed to further promote onsite industrial water reuse/recycling applications.


Joan Oppenheimer is a Board Certified Environmental Scientist and Vice President and Principal Scientist with MWH. Joan serves as Principal Investigator and Project Scientist on research projects funded by the WateReuse Research Foundation, the Water Environment Research Foundation, and the Water Research Foundation on emerging water treatment issues.

Erin Augustine is the Sustainability Manager at the Kellogg Company.

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