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2024 California Annual Conference Award Submission

WateReuse California Awards of Excellence 2024

  • Entries are due by June 7, 2024. Please have the following items available when completing the nomination form:
  • (1) A summary of your nomination (up to 250 words)
  • (2) A nomination packet (PDF file) of no more than 10  pages (up to 5 pages of supporting text and up to 5 pages of supplemental documentation). The PDF must be 10MB or less.
  • (3) A link to a one minute video to support your nomination (encouraged but optional)
  • I. Tell us about your nomination

  • Please tell us whom we should we notify if the individual/organization is awarded
  • II. Tell us about you

  • III. Select Awards Category

  • Bahman Sheikh Award for Vision in Water Reuse

    The Bahman Sheikh Award for Vision in Water Reuse will be awarded annually to a municipal, industrial, or agricultural sector individual or select group that significantly advances reuse in California by identifying new opportunities to reuse water, expanding existing applications, and/or amplifying the benefits of water recycling through integrated regional planning. This award highlights the importance of understanding the value of recycled water as the cornerstone of a resilient, sustainable, local water supply, and recognizes those who share their vision of reuse in order to create innovative and inspiring programs.

    Recycled Water Agency of the Year

    • Small – beneficial reuse less than 1,000 AFY
    • Medium – beneficial reuse between 1,000 and 5,000 AFY
    • Large – beneficial reuse greater than 5,000 AFY
    These three awards recognize agencies that have developed recycled water on a significant level as an alternative water source within their service area, regionally, or statewide.  The recipients will have demonstrated leadership, creativity and persistence in developing a comprehensive program, as well as outreach to the community to expand awareness and implementation of water recycling.

    Recycled Water Outreach/Education Program of the Year

    This award pays tribute to an agency that demonstrates a significant and wide-reaching community outreach and/or public education program that informs the community about the presence and benefits of recycled water as an alternative water source. The recipient will have demonstrated leadership, creativity, and persistence in developing a comprehensive community outreach/public education program.  In addition, the recipient will have demonstrated how the program has garnered an enhanced appreciation, support, promotion, and use of recycled water on a local or regional level.

    Recycled Water Advocate of the Year

    This award honors an individual, interagency coalition, or private group who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of water recycling through the active support and promotion of recycled water on a local, regional, or state level. The recipient will have demonstrated outstanding leadership, and dedication to the promotion and use of recycled water beyond what would be professionally expected.

    Recycled Water Customer of the Year

    This award recognizes a recycled water user (customer) who has advanced the acceptance of water reuse through unique applications of recycled water and/or innovative marketing.  The recipients will be high profile customers that have demonstrated how recycled water benefits the public and contributes to its business services. Two awards are granted in this category: one each for Northern and Southern California.

    Recycled Water Staff Person of the Year

    This award recognizes an individual that works in operations, customer service, maintenance, engineering, or other department related to an agency’s recycled water program and who has shown a dedication to the success of their program. This individual may have contributed an innovative solution to a problem, gone beyond routine job requirements, persevered through some difficulties, or achieved some other extraordinary success with the recycled water program.
  • IV. Tell us more

  • V. Video Submission

    Please provide a url for reviewers to view a brief video supporting your nomination. Video submissions are optional, but strongly encouraged.
  • VI. Upload Nomination Packet

    The nomination packet is limited to ten pages, with a maximum of five pages of supporting text and a maximum of five pages of supplemental documentation (photos, maps, graphs, etc). The packet must a single PDF file that is 10 mb or less.
  • Max. file size: 10 MB.

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