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Communication Intensive – Achieving Ratepayer and Stakeholder Support

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Room M301 – 303

How do you build trust and passion for water reuse in your community? Join an interactive workshop to explore best practices, lessons learned, and key outreach strategies that connect with ratepayers, elected leaders, and policy makers. Meet seasoned communications practitioners in discussion groups and develop messaging that will resonate with your community.

Sponsored by Jacobs

Reuse Communications 101 & Topic Tables
1:00-3:00 pm

  • Communications: The First Step to Water Reuse Success
    Presenter: Patricia Tennyson, Katz & Associates
  • Strategic Communications Planning for Water Reuse
    Presenter: Robyn Felix, Southwest Florida Water Management District
  • Interactive Skill Sharing Tables with expert facilitators, including:
    • Educational Exhibits: Carrie Del Boccio, Woodard & Curran
    • Classroom Education: Shea Dunifon, Pinellas County
    • Urban Irrigation Outreach: April Coady. Eastern Municipal Water District
    • Social Media: Michele Sager, Southwest Florida Water Management District
    • Branding: Becca Rubin, Soquel Creek Water District
    • Community Relations & Community Ambassadors: Jenn Swart, Water Replenishment District

Resource Overview & Communications Library Workshop
3:30-4:30 pm

  • Water Reuse Communications Tools You Can Use
  • Interactive Workshop: What New Communications Tools Are Needed? (Water Reuse Action Plan 8.1)

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