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The members of the WateReuse Association, including utilities, reuse related businesses, and federal, state and local governments, rely on the high-quality, applied research produced by the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation.


The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation conducts peer-reviewed, applied research to treat and recover beneficial materials, including water, nutrients, energy, and biosolids, from wastewater, stormwater, and seawater. The not-for-profit organization has a robust and well-rounded research portfolio valued at more than $200 million. The research is used by water professionals to maximize the economic value and environmental benefits of wastewater and to assess the feasibility of new technologies to recover resources and recycle water.

The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation was formed through the merger of the WateReuse Research Foundation and the Water Environment Research Foundation in 2016. Established in 1993, the WateReuse Research Foundation led the world in producing applied research in water recycling. Established just four years earlier, the Water Environment Research Foundation was internationally recognized as a leader in research related to wastewater and stormwater.

Today, the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation is the premier provider of research in water resource recovery and reuse, supplying the latest science to 350 wastewater and stormwater utilities, which provide service to more than 80% of the metered and sewered population in the United States.

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