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White Paper Published: Advancing Water Reuse Within the Beverage Industry

Date: March 04, 2024

The WateReuse Association is pleased to announce the release of a new white paper, Advancing Water Reuse Within the Beverage Industry. The paper, which is written by GHD, is the result of a collaboration between WateReuse, PepsiCo, U.S. EPA, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, San Franciso Public Utilities Commission, and others as part of the National Water Reuse Action Plan. The white paper explores stakeholder engagement, regulatory, treatment, and technology issues related to water reuse within the beverage industry, along with key hurdles and near, medium, and long-term solutions to advance water reuse practices at beverage manufacturing plants.

The team identifies five priority challenges, promising solutions, and tactics to enable greater water reuse at beverage manufacturing plants over near-, medium-, and long-term time horizons. Near-term tactics include developing a glossary of terms to improve communication within the beverage industry, and a flow chart of how to use the Hazard Assessment Critical Control Point framework, a risk assessment approach that informs regulatory decision-making for water reuse in beverage manufacturing. A medium-term tactic is to develop a technical guidance document to inform treatment and monitoring designs, abating some engineering challenges resulting from current regulatory gaps. In the long term, commissioning demonstration plants to test ideas and inform industry best practices can clarify important decision points and enable the uptake of water reuse systems at beverage manufacturing plants.

Read the White Paper here!

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