California Annual Awards

WateReuse California Presents Annual Awards March 29, 2012 Alexandria, VA — The California Section of the WateReuse Association honored leaders in water recycling during an awards luncheon in Sacramento on March 26. The ceremony was held in conjunction with the 2012 WateReuse California Annual Conference,...

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Attenuation of Emerging Contaminants in Streams Augmented with Recycled Water

The project developed insights into attenuation mechanisms with a focus on N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) and perfluorochemicals, contaminants that have not previously been considered in such an undertaking....

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Optimization of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) for Water Reuse

The project evaluates AOP performance from the perspective of the reactivity of hydroxyl radicals toward effluent organic matter (EfOM) and the effects on the efficiency of AOPs for micropollutant oxidation....

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Development of Surrogates to Determine the Efficacy of Groundwater Recharge Systems for the Removal of Trace Organic Chemicals

The project identifies potential surrogates and indicators for the removal of wastewater-derived chemical contaminants in groundwater recharge projects employing soil-aquifer treatment after surface spreading and membrane treatment ahead of direct injection projects,...

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Direct Potable Reuse: A Path Forward

This report provides a general overview of current knowledge related to DPR and identifies the information that must develop through targeted studies to inform the public, public and private water agencies, and regulatory agencies regarding the feasibility of implementing DPR as a viable water supply...

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Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products Communications Toolkit

The project provides quantitative human health risk assessment results for exposure to a small group of selected pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in recycled water through a representative set of non-potable use cases; and develops a message delivery effort to present the results to...

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Talking About Water: Vocabulary and Images that Support Informed Decisions about Water Recycling and Desalination

The project investigates how the images and words used to communicate with the public can affect their acceptance of water reclamation and desalination projects....

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Guidance on Links Between Water Reclamation and Reuse and Regional Growth

The project determines the challenges to sustainable water reuse and characterize public attitudes toward reclaimed water use in rapidly growing cities and towns practicing reuse and/or considering expanding reclaimed water use with emphasis on Arizona....

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Evaluate Wetland Systems for Treated Wastewater Performance to Meet Competing Effluent Water Quality Goals

The Wetland System Evaluation Project developed a design and performance matrix for known pollutants in surface-flow and subsurface-flow constructed wetland systems, including biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS), nutrients, pathogens, and wastewater-derived organic compounds (WDOCs)....

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