Dewatering Reverse Osmosis Concentrate from Water Reuse Applications Using Forward Osmosis

The project investigates the viability of utilizing FO for dewatering RO concentrate, alternative membrane configurations for FO applications, innovative draw solutions, and the economic feasibility of dewatering RO concentrate by using FO....

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An Economic Framework for Evaluating Benefits and Costs of Water Reuse

The project provides an economic framework to help water managers conduct a benefit-cost analysis that identifies, estimates, and effectively communicates the full range of benefits and costs associated with water reuse or related activities....

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Marketing Nonpotable Recycled Water: A Guidebook for Successful Public Outreach & Customer Marketing

The project provides water agencies with a comprehensive document to aid in planning and designing a public outreach and customer marketing campaign for a recycled water program...

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Rejection of Wastewater-Derived Micropollutants in High-Pressure Membrane Applications Leading to Indirect Potable Reuse

The project examines the rejection mechanisms of organic trace pollutants in NF and RO membrane applications....

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Removal and Destruction of NDMA and NDMA Precursors during Wastewater Treatment

The three-year project investigates the formation and removal of NDMA and NDMA precursors during wastewater treatment at facilities where indirect potable reuse is practiced....

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Investigation of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) Fate and Transport

The project assesses the fate and transport of NDMA and NDMA precursors in soil, groundwater and surface waters....

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Beneficial and Nontraditional Uses of Concentrate

The project provides a comprehensive review and comparison of the full range of alternative uses of concentrate, including feasibility of implementation, economic considerations, and environmental safety, and evaluates both direct uses of concentrate and the potential for recovery and marketing of individual salts separated from...

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Irrigation of Parks, Playgrounds, and Schoolyard with Reclaimed Water: Extent and Safety

The project promotes public acceptance of water reuse....

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Alternative Methods for Analysis of NDMA and Other Nitrosamines in Water and Wastewater

The project evaluated, refined, and developed multiple methods for NDMA analysis, and where applicable, determine how well these methods were able to detect other nitrosamines....

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