Direct Contact Membrane Distillation for Water Reuse Using Nanostructured Ceramic Membranes

The project increases our knowledge base on a technology that holds significant promise for water reuse—membrane distillation (MD). The objectives of this project were to (a) develop and characterize ceramic membranes to have the necessary chemical and physical properties for use in direct contact MD...

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Desal Dialog: A Regulatory Workshop on Critical Issues of Desalination Permitting

The project, called the Desal Dialog, conducted a national workshop for key desalination stakeholders, including utilities, regulators, and associations. The goal of the workshop was to facilitate a common understanding of desalination permitting issues and identify areas of common ground and agreement....

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Continuous Flow Seawater RO System for Recovery of Silica-Saturated RO Concentrate

This project investigates how to recover most of the water from RO concentrates that are saturated with silica without fouling the RO membranes....

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Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Strategies

The project provides utilities and water treatment practitioners with energy minimization strategies and renewable energy utilization guideline....

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Development of a Knowledge Base on Desalination Concentrate and Salt Management

The project gathers, analyzes, and synthesizes information that will support the objectives of identifying and defining issues that can affect municipal desalination facility decision-making needs—in regard to concentrate management, providing an up-to-date information base supporting the understanding of concentrate management, and defining a recommended approach...

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Evaluating Long- and Short-Term Planning Under Climate Change Scenarios to Better Assess the Role of Water Reuse

The project helps water resources managers understand, assess, and appropriately include the impacts of climate change in their decisions without getting bogged down....

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Requirements and Opportunities for Water Reuse in Energy and Biofuels

The project identifies and quantifies potential recycled water markets and demands in each of the four energy sectors;...

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Selective Salt Recovery from Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Using Interstage Ion Exchange

The project tested the use of sequential cation and anion exchange between two RO stages. The goals of interstage ion exchange are (1) to remove sparingly soluble salts from RO concentrate so that it can be treated by another RO stage without scaling, and (2)...

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Consideration of the Co-Sting of Desalination Facilities with Municipal and Industrial Facilities

The project documents the economic, environmental, water supply, water quality, public relation issues, and other advantages/disadvantages in co-siting new desalination facilities with municipal or industrial operations. It also compares co-siting with standalone facilities and introduces a decision-making tool that can be used to evaluate desalination...

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