Monitoring for Microconstituents in an Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility and Modeling Discharge of Reclaimed Water

The project evaluates the removal of microconstituents through AWT facilities, investigate the potential impact of microconstituents to aquatic organisms, and examine the fate and transport of select microconstituents from a hypothetical canal discharge location to a drinking water aquifer with a hydrodynamic and water quality...

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Oxidative Treatment of Organics in Membrane Concentrates

The project developed an oxidation process for removing organics in membrane concentrates....

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Reaction Rates and Mechanisms of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) for Water Reuse

The project provides the data necessary to develop kinetic models that describe the underlying chemistry for advanced oxidation process applications....

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Assessment of Approaches to Achieve Nationally Consistent Reclaimed Water Standards

The project assesses potential alternatives to achieve national consistency in the quality and safety of reclaimed water produced through reuse, including regulations/criteria, guidelines, industry “standards” or voluntary standards of practice, and other options....

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Combining UV and Chlorination for Recycled Water Disinfection

The project evaluates the combination of UV with either free chlorine or chloramines for disinfection of recycled water....

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Identifying Hormonally Active Compounds, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Product Ingredients of Health Concern from Potential Presence in Water Intended for Indirect Potable Reuse

The project reviews methodologies for developing screening level human health risk-based criteria for PPCPs and EDCs potentially present in water intended for indirect potable reuse and develop decision criteria....

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Guidance Document on the Microbiological Quality and Biostability of Reclaimed Water Following Storage and Distribution

The project identifies the key chemical and physical water quality parameters that influence changes in microbial water quality in reclaimed water distribution systems....

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Development and Evaluation of Ultrafiltration Methods to Concentrate Pathogens from Reclaimed Water

The project developed a simple, effective UF procedure to detect multiple pathogens from reclaimed water....

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Low-Cost Treatment Technologies for Small-Scale Water Reclamation Plants

The project provides up-to-date information on the costs, treatment capabilities, and operability of available technologies. A range of unit treatment processes and package systems were identified and evaluated....

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