Sustainable Water Sources

Sustainable Water Sources...

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Monitoring for Reliability and Process Control of Potable Reuse Applications Using On-Line Sensors

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NDEEP Video License Agreement

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White Paper on the Application of Molecular, Spectroscopic, and Other Novel Methods to Monitor Pathogens for Potable Reuse

The project will develop a white paper assessing the application and need for using molecular and spectroscopy based methods as well as other novel methods for identification and quantification of pathogens in potable reuse facilities. ...

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Case Study of the City of Carlsbad and Surrounding Areas’ Experience with Integrating Desalinated Seawater Supply in Municipal Distribution Systems

This project will provide independent review of the impacts from introducing desalinated seawater into an existing distribution system, including but not limited to quantifying source water quality changes, water quality effects (e.g. corrosion, disinfectant residual, etc.), and public acceptance.  ...

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Development of New Tracers to Determine Groundwater Travel Time near Managed Recharge Operations

Study objectives were to assess three alternative tracers to replace sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), a synthetic gas and the principle deliberate tracer for work near MAR sites....

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Develop Management Practices to Control Potential Health Risks and Aesthetic Issues Associated with Storage and Distribution of Reclaimed Water

The study was conducted to conduct a literature review of reclaimed water storage and distribution system facility guidelines, regulations and case studies using peer reviewed and gray literature......

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Senators Introduce Legislation Providing $200 Million for Water Recycling

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer (both D-Calif.) introduced the California Emergency Drought Relief Act on July 29, a bill with both short- and long-term provisions designed to help communities cope with the ongoing drought and combat future droughts. The bill includes a range of provisions...

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Sierra test sub


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