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WateReuse Honors Leaders in Water Recycling

Date: September 09, 2019

The WateReuse Association honored individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions in support of greater adoption of water recycling on September 9 during the WateReuse Awards for Excellence luncheon in San Diego, California. Award recipients are successfully advancing the development of alternative water supplies or developing a novel approach to meet water needs through the use of water reuse systems or approaches. Awards were presented in the following categories:

Advocacy Achievement

The Advocacy Achievement award recognizes individuals and organizations for significant achievements in advancing policy reforms that facilitate greater adoption, implementation or acceptance of recycled water, and/or has provided exemplary service to the water reuse sector.

Paula Kehoe, California

Paula Kehoe has been an exceptional champion of onsite non-potable water reuse at the San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC), where she established SFPUC’s Non-Potable Water Program that matches the right water source for the right use. Paula Kehoe is a visionary leader, inspiring the utility sector to re-imagine our urban water systems.

William “Bill” Van Wagoner, California

William “Bill” T. Van Wagoner recently retired from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) with 32 years of service in the City of Los Angeles. He led the development of the recycled water program as part of LA’s Integrated Resources Plan, and spearheaded major projects including the Los Angeles Groundwater Replenishment Project and the concept for 100% recycling at Hyperion Water Reclamation.

Community Water Champion Award

Eastern Municipal Water District, California

Eastern Municipal Water District’s Accelerated Retrofit Program is an innovative conservation-focused program designed to convert facility-adjacent landscape irrigation sites from potable to recycled water to maintain community benefit during periods of potable water restrictions due to drought.

Marana Water, Arizona

The Marana Water Reclamation Facility Recharge Project (MWRP) has been master planned to be a future multi-benefit recreational park with wildlife habitat components. The MWRP has added renewable resources to Marana’s water supply portfolio and laid the groundwork for a naturalistic site providing a haven and destination to benefit residents and wildlife.

WISE Partnership, Colorado

The Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) Partnership is a regional water supply project between Aurora Water, Denver Water and South Metro Water Supply Authority. This innovative regional partnership for a sustainable water future will reduce groundwater reliance and bolster renewable water supplies to the South Metro area, while maximizing existing water assets belonging to Aurora and Denver Water.

Excellence in Action

The Excellence in Action award recognizes users of recycled water to showcase how recycled water is used for commercial operations, watershed restoration projects, irrigation or other projects.

San Diego Regional Airport Authority, California

The San Diego Regional Airport Authority’s recycles air conditioning condensate for washing vehicles and planes and operates a rainwater capture, filtration and reuse system that provides 300,000 gallons of reusable water to the airport cooling system. The Airport is now expanding its condensate and rainwater reuse system to manage larger volumes of water.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Ohio

The Western Reserve Land Conservancy direct potable reuse project demonstrates a pathway to sustainable onsite water reuse. It provides employees and visitors of its 16,000 square-foot headquarters with highly purified drinking water produced from 100% closed-loop recycling of the building’s wastewater.

Outreach and Education

The Outreach and Education Award recognizes significant success in advancing public acceptance of recycled water.

Central Coast Blue

Central Coast Blue is a regional potable reuse program made possible through collaboration of five partner agencies. Central Coast Blue’s integrated team —led by the City of Pismo Beach and Water Systems Consulting, Inc. —demonstrates how a timely, integrated, creative and technical approach to outreach and education builds support and excitement for the project years ahead of implementation.

Transformational Innovation

The Transformational Innovation award recognizes technological advances, research breakthroughs, and/or innovative practices that advance the adoption, implementation and/or public acceptance of recycled water.

City of Abilene, Texas

A major upgrade to the West Texas City of Abilene’s Hamby Water Reclamation Facility allows the plant to directly pump highly treated wastewater effluent into Lake Fort Phantom Hill and increase clean water supplies for the city’s residents and businesses. It is the largest membrane bioreactor facility in Texas and provides up 9 million gallons of potable water per day.

Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Virginia

HRSD’s SWIFT (Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow) Research Center purifies treated effluent to meet drinking water standards (SWIFT Water). The SWIFT Water is then used to recharge the Potomac Aquifer, a confined drinking water aquifer that supplies water to over 200,000 individual drinking water wells throughout eastern Virginia.

Pure Water Monterey, California

Pure Water Monterey is the first full-scale indirect potable reuse project in northern California. New water supplies will be produced by recycling used and under-utilized waters from municipal wastewater, wash water from the food packaging industry, drainage water from crop irrigation, and urban stormwater runoff.

Up and Comer

The Up and Comer award recognizes a water reuse professional with less than 10 years in the recycled water sector for his/her leadership and commitment to pursuing water recycling as a career path.

Daniel Gerrity

As a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) and then as a Senior Engineer at Trussell Technologies, Dr. Gerrity focused on the use of ozonation and other advanced oxidation processes for the oxidation of trace organic compounds in water reuse applications.

WateReuse President’s Award

The President’s Award recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of water reuse through exceptional service and leadership. It is given at the discretion of the WateReuse Association president.

National Blue Ribbon Commission for Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), US Water Alliance, and The Water Research Foundation established the National Blue Ribbon Commission for Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems, which is advancing broader reuse applications throughout the United States. As a result of the commission’s work, participating public health regulators now have the appropriate framework and tools to develop regulations.

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