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September 14, 2020

35th Annual WateReuse Symposium Review 

The 35th Annual WateReuse Virtual Symposium launched Monday, September 14 with more than 800 participants from across the U.S. and representing 15 countries around the world. This year Symposium’s is also the culmination of a year-long celebration of the WateReuse Association’s 30th anniversary.

Opening General Session

WateReuse Annual Business Meeting

Implementation of the National Water Reuse Action Plan

The Great Debate: Reverse Osmosis-Based vs. Carbon-Based Treatment for Potable Reuse

Monday’s final live session was an interactive debate on the best approach to purifying recycled water for drinking, hosted by Jason Curl and Troy Walker of Hazen and Sawyer. The audience heard from four experienced operators on the pros and cons of different treatment approaches, including:

  • Kevin Linder, Aurora Water;
  • Mehul Patel, Orange County Water District, CA;
  • Ryan Popko, JEA, FL; and
  • Germano Salazar-Benites, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, VA.

Following the debate, the audience was polled and 79% voted that they were all winners, while 15% expressed a preference for reverse osmosis and 6% voted in favor of carbon systems.

The 35th Annual WateReuse Symposium continues for two more live days. The full program will be available in the Virtual Meeting Space through October 24.

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