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FY 2024 Appropriations Process Advances with Funding for Water Reuse Programs

Date: June 23, 2023

Both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees have officially begun their FY 2024 appropriations process, through which Congress will set discretionary spending levels for federal agencies and programs. This week, the House Appropriations Committee passed its FY 2024 Energy and Water Appropriations bill, which funds programs administered by the Bureau of Reclamation.

WateReuse is pleased to report that the bill provides $20 million for Title XVI-WIIN water reuse competitive grants, along with $10 million for Title XVI legacy projects. The bill also includes a slight increase in funding for the Desalination and Water Purification Program. These levels track with our asks and represent a win, given that the bill reduces the overall Water and Related Resources account by six percent. Within the Department of Energy portion of the bill, the Committee provides up to $5 million to support research and development activities to test water reuse technologies in chips manufacturing specifically targeting high-yield manufacturing regions facing water scarcity issues.

In the Senate, the Appropriations Committee late last week adopted its FY 2024 discretionary spending caps—known as 302(b) suballocations—for its 12 subcommittees, including those that fund important water recycling programs each year. Under the 302(b) allocations adopted by the Committee, spending for the Interior-Environment Appropriations bill will be cut by six percent relative to FY 2023. This compares to a 302(b) in the House of Representatives that will cut Interior-Environment Appropriations by at least 37 percent. Until the Appropriations Committees release the text of their bills, however, we will not know what portion of the cuts target the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nor which specific programs receive funding reductions. The 302(b) for Energy and Water Appropriations in the Senate is roughly 4 percent higher than the FY 2023 enacted funding for the bill. WateReuse will continue to track and report on major appropriations developments as the process continues.

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