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Browse the search fields below for information about water reuse research conducted as of May 6, 2016. Visit the Water Research Foundation to view the complete portfolio of water reuse research.

There are four types of research:

  • Scientific Investigations which provide groundbreaking new science based on laboratory and on-site testing.
  • White Papers which explore policy, regulations, planning and other social science factors.
  • Decision Making Tools which provide operators with guidelines and frameworks to improve outcomes.
  • Communications Tools which provide information and strategies for increasing public acceptance of water reuse.

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Tools for Surface Water Nutrient Loading Attributable to Reclaimed Water

The project will obtain a better understanding of nutrient fate and transport processes relevant to...


Impact of Mainstream Low DO Conditions at a Full-scale MBR Water Reuse Plant

The project will explore the use of novel organisms (i.e. low DO nitrifiers such as...


Standard Methods for Integrity Testing and On-line Monitoring of NF and RO Membranes

The project will create scientifically-based method(s) for the integrity testing of high pressure membranes, including...


Management of Legionella in Water Reclamation Systems

The project will demonstrate that there is a method for addressing health concerns related to...


Emerging Energy-Reducing Technologies for Desalination Applications

The project will independently test the most promising desalination processes or equipment to verify manufacturer...


UV Disinfection Knowledgebase for Reuse Applications

The project will benchmark the performance of UV systems used in reclaimed water applications, develop...


Use of Heated Metal Oxide Particles (HMOPs) as Adsorbents for Membrane Fouling Reduction in Water Reuse/Desalination Applications

The project will examine the hypothesis that HMOPs can significantly reduce fouling of low pressure...


Methodology for Assigning Pathogen Removal Credits for Sub-Surface Desalination Intakes

The project will evaluate methodologies and approaches currently practiced for making a determination as to...


White Paper: Current Use and Trends of Reuse in the Hydraulic Fracturing Industry

The project will identify the current status and future trends for water reuse in oil...


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