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Tools and Guidelines (Members Only)

Comm-Plan-cvrHelping People Understand Potable Reuse: A Flexible Communication Plan for Use by Public Information Professionals

This get-going kit has been pulled from the larger document known as Model Communication Plans for Increasing Awareness and Fostering Acceptance of Direct Potable Reuse (13-02). The plan is flexible and is designed to be adapted to the specific needs and situations of an individual community.

Download Communication Plan
Size: 5.47 MB | Files: 1

Man_covManual of Practice: How to Develop a Water Reuse Program

This manual was developed to assist communities in implementing the use of reclaimed water in their service area. It addresses planning, design, construction, operations, public outreach, regulatory compliance, institutional and organizational considerations, and economics issues.

Download Manual
Size: 691.94 KB | Files: 1

cover_site1Site Supervisor Training Manual

This manual is designed to train property managers, landscape supervisors, gardeners, and others on the use of reclaimed water. The document is customizable and allows agencies to adapt its contents to their specific needs by simply including those items that apply and leaving out those that do not.

Download Training Manual
Size: 12.61 MB | Files: 2

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