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Water is the lifeblood of healthy communities and robust economies. Livability and economic security depend on a safe, reliable supply of water. Meeting the demand for water in the 21st century requires a different way of thinking about water. Water Reuse 101 provides a variety of communication tools and products to help communities educate the public about reusing water.

Why Water Reuse?

Water is life. Every living being on the planet – humans, animals and plants – need water to survive.

FoodWater is food.

Every link in the food chain requires water. From carrots to coffee to cattle, the food we eat and the drinks we enjoy need water to grow. Water nourishes the plants that produce a bounty of year-round fruits and vegetables. The crops that feed and fatten livestock require irrigation. Everything from bacon and eggs to beer and wine needs water. In fact, 92% of all water consumed every day is used to produce food.

powerWater is power.

Generating electricity requires water. 90% of the plants that power our homes and businesses need water to cool the turbines that generate electricity. The remaining 10% of power plants actually use the flow of water to produce electricity. Turning on lights and laptops, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, getting cash from an ATM – all of these comforts and conveniences depend on water.

commerceWater is commerce.

Manufacturing requires water. Producing everyday products – like paper and all things plastic – requires water. Water is used to turn cotton and wool into fabric for clothing, upholstery, linens and an endless array of other goods. The steel used to build cars requires water and refining the gas to fuel the car also requires water. Nearly all merchandise uses water at some point before the final product is purchased by the consumer.



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