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Speakers Discuss Drivers for Water Reuse

Date: October 08, 2013

Speakers Discuss Drivers for Water Reuse to Discuss Economic and Environmental Drivers for Industrial Water Reuse

October 8, 2013

Alexandria, VA — The WateReuse Association announces an exciting lineup of speakers for the 2013 Industrial Water Reuse Conference to be held December 9-10 in Long Beach, CA. The conference will focus on the emerging technology and the evolving economic, social, and environmental importance of water reuse as a sustainable practice in industrial applications and production.

“This is one of the most important specialty conferences that we have ever done. Industries need water to stay in business. Water reuse does not just provide a ‘green’ solution; it can help industry reach supply chain reliability goals,” said WateReuse Association Executive Director Wade Miller.

The Industrial Water Reuse Conference will include two days of concurrent sessions that provide case studies and insight from the food and beverage, transportation, mining, energy, pharmaceutical, and textile industries. Plenary sessions will provide context with discussions of corporate sustainability, impacts on the U.S. economy, and industrial water management.

Plenary sessions will feature the following list of dynamic speakers:


Dan Bena, PepsiCo’s Senior Director of Sustainability will explain how his company’s commitment to “methods and tools that are scientifically proven, socially responsible, and economically sound” resulted in a stewardship initiative that in 2012 was named winner of the Stockholm Industry Water Award.

William Strang, President, TOTO USA will speak about how TOTO raised the bar and their bottom-line by making sustainability a priority and, why their environmental “Totology” philosophy of making water efficient products in a resource-efficient manner deserved the EPA’s Water Efficiency Leader Award.


Congressman Alan Lowenthal represents California’s 47th District which includes our host city of Long Beach. Rep. Lowenthal serves on the House Natural Resources Committee and is a member of the House Manufacturing Caucus. He will speak about the importance of water to the U.S. economy and how Congress and what the federal government is doing to encourage sustainable industrial water use.


Dr. Jay Garland worked for over 20 years on NASA’s efforts to develop regenerative, closed-loop life support systems before joining the EPA in 2011 as Director of the Division of Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment Research. Dr. Garland will speak on the topic of “Ecological Mimicry” and the design of regenerative systems for industrial manufacturing.

Dr. Steven Kenway’s work at the University of Queensland focuses on how the flow of water, energy, and material through cities can be understood as an “urban metabolism,” and how that understanding can lead to more efficient resource use.

To learn more about the 2013 Industrial Water Reuse Specialty Conference, visit https://watereuse.org/conferences/industrial-reuse.

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