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A number of institutions provided financial assistance, without which the Salinity Management Guide could not have been made. Listed alphabetically, the institutions are:

  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • California Department of Water Resources
  • Central Basin Municipal Water District
  • City of Cerritos
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • National Water Research Institute
  • Southern California Salinity Coalition
  • Water Replenishment District of Southern California
  • WateReuse Foundation
  • West Basin Municipal Water District

In addition, substantial donations of labor were made to the project by the project’s writing team in order to ensure a comprehensive, high quality product. The team’s principal writer and editor, Larry Rollins, of Davis, California, donated a total of 1,300 hours of writing and editing, mostly during the latter half of the project. Writer and editor Pat Suyama, Mr. Rollins’s collaborator (enlisted by him to help move the project along), donated an estimated 900 hours of writing and editing throughout the term of the project.

Mr. Craig Farris spent quite a few late nights and weekends designing pages in HTML and drawing the excellent color illustrations now visible here and there throughout the Salinity Management Guide. He also created a color palette and a high-quality user interface for the Guide at the beginning of the project.

Dr. Tanji worked many hours writing his modules. Ms. Michele Tobias assisted him by emailing researchers and publishers and helping to obtain permissions for photos.

Another essential ingredient was the assistance provided by the many scientists, horticulturists, and others who granted the project permission to reprint their photos.

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