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2017 Industrial and Commercial Water Reuse Conference

Westin Peachtree Plaza
Atlanta, GA
May 21-23, 2017

Water recycling has emerged as a key strategy in competitiveness, corporate social responsibility, and compliance for a variety of industrial sectors. Why isn’t water reuse used as a best practice for all industries? What is the future of industrial water reuse? The technology, chemistry and processes exist today to bring water recycling to companies to help meet environmental compliance challenges and to reach supply chain reliability goals. It is both a bottom line solution and a “green” solution.

The 2017 Industrial and Commercial Water Reuse Conference will focus on sustainable water policies, accounting and conservation of water and energy, and the development and application of appropriate water treatment and reuse technology. Corporate sustainability initiatives that result in measurable reductions in water use will be discussed as well as case studies and “lessons learned” related to use of municipal effluent in place of potable water and the internal reuse of industrial water supplies.

Core Topic Areas

Corporate Issues in Water Reuse

  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Economic and regulatory aspects of commercial and institutional water reuse
  • Local, state and federal financial incentive programs for water reuse
  • Drivers, opportunities and obstacles
  • Regulatory issues

Trends in Industrial Water Reuse

  • Established and emerging water reuse treatment technology
  • Industrial water use research update
  • The nuts and bolts of contracting and implementing water reuse improvements (quantity  commitments, quality parameters and communication protocols)

Water Reuse by Industrial, Commercial Sector

  • Food and beverage production
  • Power & energy generation
  • Commercial reuse in a variety of sectors
  • Energy production
  • Heavy manufacturing

Who Should Attend

  • Environmental Engineers
  • Technology Officers
  • Sustainability Officers
  • Water Utility Managers and Directors


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